A project that sucks up time and comes to nothing.
Man, don't waste your time on that game, it's such a Varus.
Hot Varu is a type of girl which wouldnt hesitate to take your man. It would be really easy for her to do so aswell. She is the center of attention in any partym all boys want a chance with her, but that sadly cant happen
Girl: who is she?
Girl2: people call her hot Varu
by Sneha January 1, 2021
Person 1:You seen that kid's Uncle Varus?
Person 2: Yeah he's a great guy!
by TheTruth164 December 26, 2020
Oh that's Varsha! Som calls her varu and they're perfect together
by Eadgbe November 24, 2021
1.A League of Legends Champion,Marksman
2.The most pathetic and lonely person you'll ever meet.
1.Damn,did you see that Varus penta?
2.That person is such a Varus.
by UnnecessaryViolence December 31, 2018