When a girl's vagina, farts...Vagina-Fart.
Jake: "Yo doo, I was plowin this chick and after guess what she did?"
Matt: "What'd she do, son?"
Jake: "Well I thought she was a breezy until she straight up flapped her wings and let out a steaming vart bro"
Matt: "Damn, son."
by DopeMcGraw March 26, 2008
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When a girl is sitting down and farts, and the fart ripples from the knot area up through the roastbeef curtains before fully entering the atmosphere. This my dear, is a Vart.
I would say that Diane sits in her office chair and Varts about 8 times a week and giggles to herself.
by Smellman April 02, 2009
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A vaginal expulsion of gas, usually during intercourse.
Sally varted during sex, I thanked her for the breath of fresh air.
by Siierrraaa January 24, 2006
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noun: a noisy excretion of air from the vagina, usually following doggy-style sex.
Her vart didn't stink, but it sure was loud. Have you had your vart today?
by Veronica Art January 08, 2003
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Flatulence eminating from the vagina.
Wow, that was a loud vart!
by polsonq December 04, 2008
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