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A term used while playing hockey. Which describes a player who slaps shots in the crease and tends to hit the Goaltender in the chest and cause major rib injury's.
That kid "VanWyked" that Goalie pretty hard.
Person 1 "Wheres jon?" person 2 "Hes in the hospital, He got Vanwyked pretty hard when he was playing in net earlier." Person 1 "Shitty deal"
by Eddiizz November 10, 2011
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'''Diaan van Wyk'''(born January 19, 1981 in Roodepoort) is a South African right handed batsman and wicketkeeper who plays for Gauteng in South African domestic cricket.

Preceding his first-class career, Van Wyk had a distinguished role as a backyard cricket player. Using his brilliant cricketing mind in strategy as captain and his fantastic eye batting in the 1st-drop position, Van Wyk 'burnt the record books' as one journalist stated' in his career with the Denistone Dingoes, NSW, Australia and Gauteng.

One can not mention the name Van Wyk, however, without giving mention to his partner in crime, Dick Van Johnson. A talented all-rounder himself, it was not unusual to see 'VJ' or 'Ivo' (as he was affectionately known)opening both the bowling and batting.

The third element in the highly successful '3V' combo was Timothy 'VVS' Steyn ('''V'''ery '''V'''ery '''S'''teyn.) A demon fast bowling all-rounder, Steyn initially found fame as a 14-year-old when he killed two men (Dilmah 'The Nawab of Pataudi' Arndt and Towelly Hayes) with sharp bouncers.
Doing a Van Wyk means to be a freakn at everything (ie that guy is a van wyk!)
by Van Wyk January 24, 2008
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