Assuming a "long" position will "succeed" despite a brokers "short" position in the "same instrument" sold to them. SHITTY TRANSACTION
by INSIDESPIN April 27, 2010
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Something Goldman Sachs sells to unsuspecting people, destroying the world economy.
Goldman Exec: Boy, that Timberwolf is one shitty deal.

Other Exec: Should we sell it anyway, even if in causes and economic meltdown?

First exec: Who cares? We'll get rich!
by NovaNardis April 28, 2010
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Koby: "FUCK my lighter is out of fluid"
Seth: "Shitty Deal.."
by shuey May 21, 2005
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when someones luck goes down the shitter you say: shitty deal
drew: man that guy just took my girl
me: shitty deal
by frogsack May 11, 2012
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When one is having anal sex with another, pulls out and a load of shit comes out.
MatGrn: "That's the best dick i've ever taken, pull out"
JMOSS: ::pulls out:: "OMG DUDE! I thought you said you douche! What a shitty deal!"
by poser mobile September 6, 2006
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a girl gives you a blowjob when you are taking a mean steamer, she often passes out from the smell in which time you blow the load all over her unconscience face.
my chick gave me the best shitty deal last night, right after dinner. It was awesome, i felt totally enlightened.
by mCcloud April 10, 2008
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