1) A person who most scientific studies, has been proven to be short, and extremely adorable.
2) A person who loves cookies
3) A person who is extremely playful, fun, and lovable.

1) When someone is showing characteristics best attributed to the noun "Valerie"

1) RTB
"Look at Valerie, all she does is eat cookies and smile a lot, but she sure is cute isn't she"

"No man that kid isn't a being Valerie, there is nobody like a besides her, because shes great"

"Dude look at that little RTB; Yeah I know what you mean man."
by rpd048 October 08, 2011
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An angry little elf, who hides out in the attic, coming out once a year to feed on the hopes of men
guy 1. Dude your house is haunted

guy 2. Oh thats just the Valerie in the attic.
by sirawesometheone July 01, 2011
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Valerie is an amazing gorgeous girl with beautiful blond hair and stunning brown eyes. She is a loyal, kind and super fun friend, she's a savage. She isn't afraid to do anything. She is one of the most amazing girlfriends or friends you'll ever have, NEVER in any case "ex-friend" a Valerie, you'll regret it instantly. She is just an amazing girl! She has like a TON of friends but, very little BFFS. She always gives the best gifts and you wish you could give gifts as amazing as her's. She's like the girl next door, hot and smart. She is very intelligent and hot, she has gorgeous legs even though she doesn't think so. She underestimates herself just to be humble because she knows how gorgeous she really is. She is the best person you could ever meet!
Girl 1: I'm sad
Girl 2: Call a Valerie she'll definitely cheer you up
Valerie: Hey Girl! Let's party, you just have to look pretty and that isn't hard for you

Chris: Hey Gorgeous
Valerie: Hey Chris
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by sophiawoods December 29, 2017
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An amazing girl with very low self esteem. She always seems to bring herself down even when she gets a good grade. People see her as a very charming and beaming person, with alot of energy . When she smiles, people turn to look for she is also very pretty! Known to love running and getting creative!
Student 1: Who's That? She's new in the track team.
Student 2: That's Valerie! She's a really fast runner!
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by xXPassion|Fruit Xx September 21, 2017
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A truly stellar girl that leaves a great impression on anyone who she comes in contact with. Makes a great friend who will listen to anything that you have to say. Although somewhat sarcastic she’s awesome.
Tyler: Lol Valerie I told you I would do it.
Valerie: OMG! I’m so impressed thx
by Willyougotohomecomingwithme September 25, 2017
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A small asian that thinks she is way too funny, but 99.9% of the time she is just a dorkass.
why are you being such a valreie, valerie
by coreywaslegend October 23, 2008
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An alright looking woman who is most likely a lesbian.
Guy 1: dude, valerie smith is such a hottie!
Guy 2: dont even try. Everyone knows all valeries are lesbians.

Guy 1: DAMN!!!!!!!
by amcfweq December 26, 2010
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