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The name Vaas means someone who has potential and is somewhat a savior. He can relate to the people who is going through a rough time and understands the pain and suffering that that one person is sacfricing in order to save his or her loved ones. A Vaas can go crazy if he is mistreated by the people he knows well like his family or loved ones, and use him to finish their dirty work.

The word/name Vaas means vase in Dutch. A vase is a vessel or glass, porcelain, and a vase holds cut flowers. And once a person cuts flowers from the vase, they grow back. What this means is that Vaas's personality was cut by someone else and has grown a new one. Also a vase breaks easily when it falls, what I'm trying to say here is "you must break the vase in order to free the flowers" in other words "Vaas has to die (in a good manner)in order for is soul to be free.

The name Vaas derives from Servaas, the Dutch form of the Latin name Servatius, which again derives from Servatus, which means "saved, redeemed".
"Vaas was mistreated by the people he knew."

"Vaas used the definition of insanity".

"Vaas is insane."
by CorporalDan55 August 23, 2017
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Acronym for Volunteer Association of America (VAA). One of many fraudulent volunteer associations designed to lure would-be good souls into a mythological world of non-activities and servitude.

Origins of the fallacious group can be traced back to a one-time good soul who volunteered his time and efforts to help out a worthy cause in rural southwest Virginia. Later the good-soul-turned-bad decided that the real reason he was volunteering was to collect mileage reimbursement. The greedy being then made false accusations of failure to pay and began the VAA in hopes of tricking naive do-gooders into signing up with the VAA and an eternity of lies, falsified documents and embezzlement.

The VAA founder continues to this day, to make false allegations, and post derogatory comments about other volunteer groups in hopes of obtaining world domination. See aav
The VAA President and CFO is a misguided individual who continues to take his frustrations with Deloitte and being "deloitted" out on others.
by AAV loyalist April 13, 2005
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