The feeling a guy gets when the love of his life, the gold standard for women, leaves him because her parents wont let them date, it's too painful for her to be stuck in limbo, and because she's confused and doesn't see any other way out of it.

It is, without a doubt, the worst feeling in the entire world, and anyone who tells you to "get over it" can go fuck themselves. It's like a part of you dies over and over and over again, with every agonizing detail displayed on repeat for your viewing pleasures, for days, weeks, even months at a time.
She vaporized him
by Vaporized October 19, 2010
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a word that you say when you meet a friend who you haven't seen for a very long time.
Dude,haven't seen you for ages!You're like vaporized.
by little hulk December 24, 2006
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