VSCO is for the “gorls.”
VSCO is an app that girls can feel confident on without the pressures of likes or comments.
by randomperson5825 June 19, 2018
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An app used for simple photo edits. It’s become quite popular as of 2018/2019. Commonly made fun of due to the type of girls (appropriately named VSCO Girls) who use the app and are typically quite annoying about it and other things.

Also commonly used amongst Tumblr users who make aesthetic moodboards and other things of that nature.
VSCO is pronounced vis-koh
by mehemily September 5, 2019
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a vsco girl is very basic.They have scrunches, Vans, crocs, puca shell necklaces and a hydroflask
by FruitLaverne August 18, 2019
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If u want to know if a girl likes you. Shoot her a cute text and then check her Vsco
by How to get the girl August 17, 2018
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the only social media where it’s okay to not be okay
i love vsco.
by s.m.i.l.e June 4, 2018
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vsco, the one place where girls can post what they want w/o having to worry about numbers. the place where gals can have fun & relax. saturday’s might be for the boys, but vsco is for the girls.
vsco makes me so happy, i can do whatever the heck i want man
by teslaj June 21, 2018
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VSCO - An app Or most used to identify a persons style or even personality. For example is you had scrunchies, oversized T- Shirts, a Hydro Flask, etc. You could also be identified as a VSCO by the way you talk, like if you say “And I oop” or “Sksksk”.
by Yo_HMUa October 22, 2019
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