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A term meaning "Valley Locals Only" that originated around late 2003 from a group of Malibu High School freshmen in politely sarcastic response to the local "gang" MLO, or Malibu Locals Only. It is used as a joke amongst some non-Malibu residents who attend MHS.
Malibu Local: VLO? MLO, bitches! What, what! We gone drive 'round in our Range Rovers an' seriously tear up any punk-ass-tight-pants Vals who gone step they faggoty-ass shoes all up on our beaches, nigga! Hooty-hoo!

non-Malibu Local: ... Wait, what?
by Jobot April 30, 2005
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Three letter abbreviation known to slackers for many reasons, few examples

1. Increase chance for a larger welfare check / more food stamps.

2. Give more time to bar rat.

3. Give more time to chuck haga

4. Give more time to shave 5 o'clock shadow so it is less visible tomorrow.

Please see bar rat and chuck haga @
That bitch takes a VLO every day and still affords to bar rat! How is that possible??? Oh.. Welfare!
by Matt May 01, 2004
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