A mild word often used as an adjective to emphasise dislike or negativity in relation to something else, comparable to bloody
"We're having a terrible time with them bleeding rats" - Monty Python's Flying Circus, episode 21
by Xenophilius July 27, 2007
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to do illegal actives in which you profit money off of. mainly selling drugs.
tate - man did you check out that new drop top benz?
jon - yeah. i got bleed the block before i get me on like that.
by x August 24, 2004
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past tense of "bleed",

used by Justin Timberlake in an attempt to rhyme with "cheated" in his powerful song "What Goes Around Comes Back Around"
"When you cheated girl, my heart bleeded girl...
and it goes without saying, that you left me feelin hurt"
by Nigerian Hotness May 25, 2007
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