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A mild word often used as an adjective to emphasise dislike or negativity in relation to something else, comparable to bloody
"We're having a terrible time with them bleeding rats" - Monty Python's Flying Circus, episode 21
by Xenophilius July 27, 2007
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when something happens that is seriously fucked up shit
Or - Wen something happens that is not right in a very weird way.
Seamus: Did yu see dat boi wid da firework? Bruv, the way he dropped it and ran was funny, alie?

Keema: Yeh bruv dat was bleeding.
by yung kikx November 05, 2008
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To look and be extremely Tired, as if your body was bleeding and your about to faint or die.
Tom: You look horrible.
Jim: Man I'm bleeding.
Tom: Why?
Jim: I got two and half hours of sleep last night.
by Johnny Klassified August 22, 2006
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