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I've been jabbed
by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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Slang for the great Aussie Beer VB (victoria Bitter) offen used by die hard VB drinkers
person A: There going to be goon at the party?
Person B: #&%# No, Vitamin B only Bruzz!
by Greenie1985 March 20, 2006
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*The term used for the after morning pill, which is known as Plan B.

* A method in preventing any little mistakes.

* When the 'pull & pray' method just might not be enough

* When a girl lies about being on birth control because she wants to prevent weight gain/stretch marks/loss of libido/a fleeing spouse, because she can rely on her Vitamin-B

* A must have vitamin which prevents unwanted pregnancies, parent-hood, and must be consumed after unprotected sex. There is a high risk of mood swings and uncontrollable pms mood swings amongst females.

* A great excuse to have sex without being on birth-control, or if you forget to wrap it up.
* I'm visiting my boyfriend but I'm not on the pill. I have already packed my Vitamin-B.

John - "You're on birth control right?"
Cindy - " no."
John - "I just came."
Cindy - "Don't worry about it... I'll take a Vitamin-B."
by Parenthood, smart choices November 28, 2011
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