a shirt with a neckline in the shape of a V. commonly worn by indie teenagers.
woah, look at that kid's v-neck, he's so indie.
by leithal August 31, 2008
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to wear a v-neck,and be realling fucking rad.
Are you v-necking right now?
Hell yea i am,get like me.
by emcisarad1 October 1, 2009
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A type of shirt that is artfully low-cut and often seen on scene kids who like it when people see their nipples. V necks look bad on anyone who is not tan/has big pectoral muscles, but looking bad is the same as looking artsy, and looking artsy is good.
Sweet V neck, dude. You have some fine-ass nipples.
by Flexbone October 19, 2009
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A girl tee-bagging someone with her vagina, usually on the neck.
Mike: "So did you and Lisa try that new move last night?"
Bob: "Hell yeah! She loves to V neck me!"
by ScrubsisAwesome2013 June 3, 2010
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Shirts that scream I'M GAY AND PROUD. Especially paired with tight jeans. The tighter the better or the softer the better. If you are feeling ultra fabulous, go for the deep plunging v neck.
That V Neck is stunning! When did you come out?
by beraka December 20, 2010
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a shirt, usually worn as an undershirt, that's neckline is cut very low in the hape of a V. favorite shirt of an asian named kevin.
hey kevin i liked your v neck in your school picture!!!!!
by former fat man June 3, 2006
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a shirt in the shape of a v that young teens who think they are cool wear.
Teen 1: dude look how cool i am now. I have a v-neck.

Teen 2: You're not cool. You're a douche.
by Defflepord November 21, 2009
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