Vallejo, CA a.k.a. the REAL "V-Town", the "V", "Valley Joe", "Valley of the Hoes", "Vallejo Stompin Grounds". Country Club Crest to the north, Hill Side to the south, Mac Block to the East, and Swamp Side on the West. Home of E-40, B-Legit, Mac Dre, Young Dru, One Voice, and many more Bay area artist. The Northern most city in the "YAY" a.k.a. the Bay Area. Where much of the ghetto music, language, and style in the Bay area comes from. Yadidimean!?
V town, the northern most city in the Bay Area
by Andeezy August 20, 2007
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The former reference to the City of Vallejo. Pioneered by North Bay underground Rapper 40 water aka Fonzerelli Bellafonte aka Earl Stevens aka E 40. Now dubbed 'The Block'(for its numerous city blocks of clicks), V-Town is seldom used by Vallejo citizens, but will remain a retired classic that will always hold the weight of the home of The Crest (Cuddiville), The Ville, The South, Rancho, Hillcrest, T.T. West (Tree Town), Sea Side, Lofas, The Hills, Simmerons (Good Crest), College Park, Terrace Park and Beverly Hills.
Where you cummn' from?


Oh, you off The Block?

Yep, just came from the Country (Crest: Club Country Crest)

Ight then.
by M. Du May 6, 2005
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Short for Vallejo; A city of western California on San Pablo Bay north of Oakland. Home of E-40 and the Click, Mac Mall, Mac Dre, and Potna
Nigga i'm from V-Town
by QZkotL April 9, 2003
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V-Town is slang for Verdun
city in South West Montreal, Quebec, Canada

where u from??

im from V-Town muthafucka!! reppin it all the way!
by smith the stoner September 13, 2008
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(1) Valley Stream, NY.
(2) Also known as Valley Queens.
(3) A ghetto suburb.
Yo, I'm from V-town, BITCH.
by GabbAyyyy August 29, 2006
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recently, a term used to reference Visalia, Ca.
"wow...i wish it wasn't 101 degrees in V-town"
by badasss_c October 3, 2005
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A common slang term for the female genitals, and or the act of sexual intercourse.
I need me a trip to v-town esé.
by Kylr Abney September 23, 2008
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