Noun: Pig that yawns in people face's AFTER getting the person's attention by poking them in a repetitive and annoying way.
Student A: I'm hungry.
Student B: Me too.

Student A: Uh. *Turns around*
Student B: WTF ?
Student A: Ew, I hate her !
by Preusser April 21, 2008
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A type of person who advocates Smartfood as a good snack, caffeinated drinks and pulling all nighters... regardless of the new study by UC Berkeley and how sleep/naps assist in refreshing the mental state while boosting the brain’s learning capacity.
Dennis: Hey Will, why do you look so bummed out?

Will: I pulled a uyen all night. Now I feel like crashing....

*Will crashes to the floor*

Dennis: You know what you need? Good Ol' Fashion SLEEP!!! LOL.

*Dennis gives Will a pillow, because he still cares ;)*
by dave_nguyen August 03, 2010
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uyen's always think they are certified, but they are so uglified.
uyen is never ever so certified
by djpwee April 30, 2005
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A strong sensitive, apparently sexy yet define girl. Perfect taste in music and poetry, sucks at cooking yet i ll eat whatever she cooks. An Always-beautiful
by Frox February 06, 2014
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Uyen is the worst person you would want to be your friend. She is two-faced and lies a lot. Her heart is frozen so she is a bully.
Person #1: Who dat bitch
Person #2: Oh it's Uyen
Person #3: If she is going to be two faced, at least have a pretty one.
Person #4: I know right
by heyheyheyheyyo May 20, 2018
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