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A paragon of excellence in every such quality that exists. This man is so highly regarded as faultless people can associate him with god, in every sense of the word. From his unparalleled beauty to his unsurpassable knowledge, this man is truly essential to mankind's survival.
Wow, is that an Utkarsh?! What a rare breed!
by knotts place May 10, 2010
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Verb/Noun/Adjective/Adverb/Proverb/Absolute Truth - To do something or be something that is the embodiment of being a fat kunt. Eating far too much unhealthy food to the point of being disgusted with one's self. To become synonymous with massive indulgence.
"Dude I just Utkarshed so hard on fried food. I don't know if I can still see my penis"

"I'll be there later, I'm Utkarsh rn and need a puke and a shower."

"Wheres Dave?"
"Oh, he's Utkarshing at China Buffet."
by SatOnMyBalls December 19, 2017
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