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combines the words "Utah" and "Retard"

Someone from Utah.
These utards don't even serve catsup, they only have fry sauce.
by jackie July 01, 2003
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A Utard is somebody stupid from Utah. No need to be a Mormon (but it doesn't hurt).
"Man, here comes Jack Moroni. I swear he's never been out of Provo. All he does is drink cough syrup and talk about snowboarding. What a Utard."

"He got his film degree at Brigham Young. What a Utard."
by RevDrDK October 15, 2009
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A person from Utah that thinks he/she knows it all...when in reality, they don't know s@#t! Bumkin-like behavior on the part of someone from Utah (usually BYU) that wishes they were originally from California.
Did that stupid U-tard just say: "Oh my heck?"
by DaBigKahuna November 18, 2005
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A bad driver with Utah license plates. Also, anyone from Utah who acts like an idiot, or is a little behind in current culture/slang because Utah is so far inland from California.
Can you believe she is still using the word "gnarly" and wearing acid wash jeans like they're the latest thing? The biggest problem with Utah is that it's full of Utards!
by Bella~ January 02, 2007
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Someone who is especially naive and culturally inept and hails from the state of Utah. A combination of "tard" and U for Utah.
Molly is such a U tard. All she does is bake cookies for the ward party.
by Smokey Starlight March 23, 2008
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A combination of Utah and Retard. Usually designated for Utah's notoriously bad drivers (or Mormons), Utards learned to drive on a tractor that doesn't have blinkers, mirrors or go above 30 mph (in the fast lane).
That dude drives like a fucking Utard. Partying with Utards is boring; all they do is read scriptures and eat jello.
by Incogitatus April 06, 2008
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1) Stereotypical, obnoxious person from Utah. Almost always Mormon, big into snowboarding, Republican, etc.

2) A dialect native to Utah, often spoken by said people.
1) UTARD: Hey, dudes, lets go play a wicked game of Gatorade Pong after we're done hitting the slopes!
ME: Shut the fuck up, you're such a Utard.

2) UTARD: My house is in between the moun'n and the crick in American Fark.
by NotAUtard March 20, 2013
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