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When a non-Jewish man has a circumcision by force, for health, style, fun, sport or conversion.
"I can't believe that Edward is getting circumcised to marry Rachel. It's Gentile mutilation !"

"God is really hung up on the Briss. He mandated that Moses force mass Gentile mutilation of all the Goyim he captured."

"It's true that circumcision protects against a lot of STD's, but the program in Africa is still a case of widespread Gentile mutilation."
by RevDrDK November 14, 2009
Droopage due to a major emotional trauma, such as almost crashing one's pathetic mid-life Harley, having a 22 year old girl laugh at your naked body/"erection," being caught in bed with the babysitter by your wife, losing the mid-term election.

An excellent title for a Country & Western Song.
"Debbie actually pointed when she was laughing at your dick?
Viagra Falls !"

"Man, when my wife caught me in bed with Debbie, it was Viagra Falls."

"It was an un-romantic visit to Viagra Falls for Senator Specter when he posted 37% at the polls Tuesday."

"That was Willie Nelson's new song, Viagra Falls."
by RevDrDK November 17, 2009
A Utard is somebody stupid from Utah. No need to be a Mormon (but it doesn't hurt).
"Man, here comes Jack Moroni. I swear he's never been out of Provo. All he does is drink cough syrup and talk about snowboarding. What a Utard."

"He got his film degree at Brigham Young. What a Utard."
by RevDrDK October 15, 2009
The Junior Cadets of the patriarchy. Obnoxious, predominately white boys. Fraternities. Golf. Sailing. Polo Shirts. Dockers.
Dude-Boys of power to be. Sons of Senators, Governors, Business Executives, MegaChurch Preachers. Read about them in the book, "The Family."

Dicks presumptive.
It's amazing who can get into the Scrotocracy. Look at George Bush Jr.-boozing, coke snorting, AWOL, business disasters. If his Daddy hadn't been such an Uber-Patriarch he'd be broken down trailer trash for sure. The fact that Barbara Bush is the only female member of the patriarchy didn't hurt. Dan Quail was a flame out-he never made the transition from Scrotocracy to patriarchy with the biggest hand-up.
by RevDrDK November 12, 2009
A Dude-Boy is sort of a jock, sort of a pathetic drunk, sort of a failed attempt at macho. Thinks he is smarter and funnier than he is. Uses annoying catch phrases from TV commercials and thinks that makes him witty. Usually overweight and given to wearing stupid T-Shirts. Always annoying. Usually prefaced with "Fucking."
Look at that fucking Dude-Boy copping the "Capt. Morgan" pose.

Look at those fucking Dude-Boys. Are they having a stupid T-Shirt competition ?

The last time that fucking Dude-Boy got close to any Pussy was during his C-section.
by RevDrDK October 30, 2009