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Usmans are amazing people.They are funny, curious, often dirty minded ;), thoughtful, smart, good-looking, in good shape, social, good friends and will always be there for you. if you have a Usman in your life you are one of the luckiest people on earth.
"hey whats up?"

"everything!!! I met an Usman!! My life is so much better!"
by blockbuster456 August 10, 2012
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Usman (sometimes spelled as Osman) is the South Asian form of the Muslim given name Othman. In Urdu/Hindi languages , spoken in India and Pakistan, "th" is sometimes pronounced as "s" , leading to a new form of the same name.

Since Usman or Othman was the name of Muslim Ruler (Caliph) Uthman Ibn Affan, therefore it is a very popular given name among Muslims.

The Turkish Ottoman Empire also derived its name from its predecessor of this name.

The name Usman typically means "The Chosen One" . In Arabic it is also sometimes used to refer to a bird however the widespread meaning of the name is "The Chosen One".

In addition to that , since the Muslim Caliph Uthman was known for his generosity , in some cultures the name Usman is synonymous with generosity, sincerity and purity of heart.
Person 1: Wow that guy donated a heavy amount to the charity.

Person 2: Afterall his name is Usman.

(Showing generosity)
by jinglebells121 May 29, 2010
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A large tanned male beauty, with devine sexual powers and someone who is blessed down below.
Girl 1 - So where were you last night ?
Girl 2 - I was busy with an Usman
Girl 1 - Awww, i wish i could get myself one of those.
by jeluzzz January 09, 2010
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6 foot with abs.
yo is that usman, nah bro that guy doesn't lift.
by H monster April 14, 2017
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Usman is an act of pulling a "no-call-no-show". When someone is missing in action for a short period of time, they have pulled an Usman. It could also imply being lazy and/or unproductive when used properly in context.
Tony: What happened to Debbie today?
Jim: She pulled another Usman.

My bunny rabbit is lazy bum, just sits there all day and likes being pet behind its ears. Its being Usman.
by Usman Aslam June 18, 2008
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A name for the offspring between an asian and an albino. Devious and evil but easily tricked. Avoid at all costs.
Don't talk to her, she's an Usman!
woooooow looks like someones bleached themselves. Must be an Usman.
by iwant2noe March 14, 2009
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(1)Lion slayer; (2)one who hides under a "Rock Band" box during an Honors English class, (3)alias to Uswoman or usmama. (4) Usmanondorf, the final evolution of Usman.
1. Dude did you see that Usman? He freaking took out that lion with his bare hands.

2. Aria: where's Usman?
Warner: oh he's under that rock band box pulling another Usman.

3. Daniel: Your mom!
(Tuttle student): No, Your Usmama!!!


by Philip Kwon August 15, 2008
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