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Uthman (Arabic: عثمان; Transliteration: Othman, Osman, Usman, Ozman) is a male Arabic given name meaning "the chosen one amongst the tribe of brave and noble people", "honest", "caring", "sincere", "genuine", and "attractive".

The male name Othman \o-th-
man\ is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "wealthy man"
Othman I - the conqueror of Turkey who founded the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman dynasty that ruled Turkey after the 13th century; conquered most of Asia Minor and assumed the title of emir in 1299 (1259-1326)
by mcothmane February 03, 2010
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Mr right...Really sweet and kind, a dreamer, hard working and very sexy.
She needs to dump that loser and find her an Othmans!!
by gagal February 08, 2010
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Othman: I now claim that slugs are as big as houses, there are three of them on the street at the moment. I am not a foolish retard.
by definitionfreak May 21, 2008
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