When engaged in the process of taking a selfie, and the picture consists of 2 or more people, the picture officially becomes an USIE
"Aye shawty, how's about me and you take an USIE together"
by Mr. internationally known June 11, 2014
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"Usie" comes from the word "Usually" and "Usual"
Pronounces "U-she"

Espicially used for when you like something

(ex, facebook,tumblr,twitter,myspace,running,forever 21,tillys, starbucks,panda express)

You can use it in any conversation at any given time.
espicially texting wise.

Its a shorten word for usally, & usual
to sound cool, and very "2010" , and chill
"You go to starbucks everyday!"

"What can I say, Im a starbucks usie"

"Dude you've been on facebook all day..."
"Im a facebook usie, i have a problem.. LEAVE ME ALONE"
by LesleyNaranho July 9, 2010
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United Synagogue Youth: A conservative youth group for Jewish teens in grades 9-12. Jewish teens get to meet other Jewish teens from all over North America at conventions, go on summer programs, meet life long friends and have life changing experiences.
I went on a USY summer program and I'm still friends with everyone from my group, it's been 5 years.
USY has changed my life and made me a better person with all the repairing the world projects.
by USY-er613 January 2, 2014
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An awesome Jewish youth group that has great summer programs like USY on Wheels and Israel Pilgrimage!
Touring the country with USY on Wheels was the best!
I met my girlfriend on USY Israel Pilgrimage!
by ChapterMemKad October 11, 2013
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The totally awesome youth group spanning the continental USA and Canada.

Has great summer programs.

Home to extra-awesome region, Hagalil.
"What are you doing this summer, Eli?"

"I'm doing USY on Wheels!"

by Bookworm13 April 17, 2009
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United Synagogue Youth (USY), the Conservative Jewish youth movement, inspires youth to discover and celebrate their Jewish identities through community, activism, friendship, and learning.
USY helped me find my love for Judaism, and my closest friends are still the friends I made in USY
by USY Comm October 11, 2013
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a jewish youth organization for people in grades 9-12 that try to educate young people on all things involving Judaism. everyone greets everyone with huge hugs and are a lot nicer and accepting than jewish groups like BBYO or nifty. once you come to usy you will never leave.
In USY they like to pray 3 times a day.
by hagalil! April 1, 2008
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