A term used by Matt-Drudge reading troglodytes to insult anyone who doesn't agree with their simplistic philosophies.

Human: Go back to FreeRepublic, DrudgeTard

Drudgetard: You're another Useful idiot, lib.
by Downvoting Victim September 20, 2013
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A mentally challenged citizen who believes he has a political opinion. He adopts prejudices and platitudes from some filthy rich, anti-social demagogues and believes that FoxNews is sent by god. As a reward, the tea party master puppeteers destroy the health care system, the educational system and the country in general, later they create a new caste-based society.
Is there a day in Washington D.C. without hateful speeches of useful tea party idiots?
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Often mistakenly attributed to Lenin, Stalin or Marx, the term was first used by US newspapers in 1948 and has little documented usage within the Soviet Union, meaning a third party who spreads propaganda or disinformation, usually unintentionally or without fully understanding the cause they're proselytizing for. Originally used during the cold war to refer to Western communist sympathisers, or those susceptible to communist propaganda, the term could be used today to refer to those spreading anti-vaccine misinformation echoed or amplified by Russian intelligence, or ,or Trump supporters acting on foreign-spread conspiracy theories about pizzas and child molesters. In any case, the person spreading the disinformation uses someone susceptable to the disinformation in order to spread it further
This useful idiot read online that Hilary Clinton is selling kids through this pizza place and now he's going down there to shoot it up.
by Dr MDrr February 22, 2021
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