A useful idiot is someone who unwittingly manipulated by a foreign government to help a foreign government's agenda, with the support of said foreign government. Being a foreign government's bitch.
Donald Trump is one of Putin's useful idiots because many of his ideas like not fully supporting NATO plays into Russia's agenda and would help Putin. Putin supports Trump by hacking his opponents' servers and broadcasting the democrats in a negative light and Trump in a positive light on his propaganda channel.

Jill Stein is also one of Putin's useful idiots. She goes to Russia, a country notorious for its human rights abuses towards political opponents and gay people, and says the US needs to work on human rights and foreign policy. It's like going to Saudi Arabia and saying the US needs better women's rights. The night before she attended a dinner with Vladimir Putin, and she constantly retweets Putin's propaganda channel Russia Today.

Both of these candidates are supported by the Russian Federation for nefarious reasons. Putin supports Trump because he thinks a Trump and a friendly US could make Russia stronger as a country, while the Russians support Jill Stein because she will take away votes from left-wing types who would normally vote Democratic, which could hurt Hillary and help Trump in close states.

In other words, Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's bitch.
by Herbertheperver August 07, 2016
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A term Republicans use for poor people who vote for them even though the Republican party hates poor people.
Farmer John voted for George Bush even though Bush gave a tax cut to the agribusiness behemoth down the street from John. John could not compete with the corporate behemoth and declared bankruptcy. Now John is a serf for the corporate overlords. George Bush calls these people useful idiots.
by The Corporate Avengers August 20, 2008
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A person who blindly follows the Corporate-run American Plutocracy and will fight for its preservation at the cost of the rest of his countrymen's wellbeing.
The Tea Party Member who supports cutting Medicare and Union Rights is a true useful idiot.
by mrTimed April 28, 2011
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Mis-attributed to Vladamir Lenin by Conservatives, (who usually learn of the term on social networks), it's used to degrade Progressive Liberals, who don't judge others from different countries, politics, or religions, as harshly as they do.

Conservatives often use the term to anyone who takes a different stance, whether the "useful idiot" is supportive of, or non-discriminatory toward: Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Democrats, Communists, Atheists, Catholics,, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Masons, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Arabs, Native Americans, and Europeans.

Thus, "useful idiots" are usually ignored, while they're blamed for "ruining" (ie. improving) a nation, and spreading love of others, rejecting discrimination, and equality treatment for all.
Conservative: "These are the facts that I've cherry-picked to support my argument."

Useful idiot: "But you ignored this, this, this, this, this, and this."

Conservative: "But you're taking that out of context! No wait, that's revisionist history! You just hate my version of God! You're actually going to listen to Scientists who know what they're talking about? How stupid are you? You should read my new book, that ignores all the positive contributions made by others, and ignores all the bad things about Conservatism, where I redefine words, revise history to my liking, and argues why Jesus was actually a Capitalist. I don't accept peer-review, by the way, because I'm right and always right on everything."

Useful idiot: "Your book sounds a lot like Conservapedia."
by KnowledgeBattles July 10, 2015
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A term used by Matt-Drudge reading troglodytes to insult anyone who doesn't agree with their simplistic philosophies.

Human: Go back to FreeRepublic, DrudgeTard

Drudgetard: You're another Useful idiot, lib.
by JESSE RADIN September 19, 2013
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The person who likes to post ignorant crap on this webpage under the handle "Herbertheperver".
Herbertheperver is clearly a useful idiot who's proned to spinning a well-known term in an attempt to use it against the people who would use it as a term to define people just like Herbertheperver.
by AaronEmus December 18, 2018
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