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A game released in 2003 by Cyan Worlds, creaters of Myst and Riven. This 3D puzzle game allowed players to explore many worlds, and even included an online play option called Uru Live. However, due to technical problems, Uru Live never launched, and 2 expansion packs were made, "To D'ni", and "Path of the Shell" (later all 3 bundled as "Complete Chronicles), which allow players to explore the vast city of D'ni, and more. A grassroots Uru Live type experience was created, called Untìl Uru, which allows players to enjoy the online component of Uru again.
I love Uru.
Has anyone here played Uru?
by Hastin Zylstra October 01, 2005
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1. A crooked or bent dick
2. A Lambo Suv
1. It took Holly some getting used having sex standing perpendicular, but because i have a urus, its the only way i can hit her spot.

2. I'd pull mad pussy if i had a Urus.
... but there would still be the awkward moment the 1st time i pulled out my urus.
by J Booze July 26, 2018
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