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A brunette with junk in her trunk. She is kind and loyal to certain people and protective over her best friends.She stands out in a crowd and has that "go with the flow" attitude. BUT, obnoxious and annoying people can cause her to be mean and cruel and is very scary and dangerous when ticked off. Syanne usually thinks before she takes action and prevents her friends from getting into trouble. When excited she does funny dances to show her emotions.
"your name should be syanne because you're amazing"

"syanne is so cool"
by anon.7913 October 23, 2014
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A satanesque girl. Usually red-headed and angry. Watch out for her because gingers steal your soul, because they don't have one. Even though she is red-headed she is very pretty, intellegent, has a good sense of humor, and a great group of friends.
Person 1: She is such a mean girl!!

Person 2: Oh, she must be a real Syanne
by truthspeaker15 May 09, 2012
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