Term developed by The Sports Guy Bill Simmons's friend House. Used to describe multiple sports programs being at commercial simultaneously, as CBS frequently does during their NCAA tourney coverage. The dreaded quadraple urkin is when all four games being covered are at commercial at once.

Taken from the movie Borat. Urkin is the name of the town rapist.
I was at the bar trying to watch a few games and CBS pulled a two triple urkins in ten minutes.
by TheAfroRican March 17, 2007
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Term imposed by ESPN's The Sports Guy's friend House during March Madness 2007, referring when, a sports event broadcasting several games at a time, commercials are going on on all games at once.

From Round I Diary:

9:49: For the first time today, CBS has commercials going on all three games at the same time. That leads to this exchange:

Me: We gotta come up with a name for that phenomenon … it's like a whitewash, but with commercials.

House: Whatever the name is of the town rapist in 'Borat' -- that's what we should call it."

That leads to House googling the guy's name … it's Urkin. So that's what we'll call it. An Urkin.
by theriotfish March 22, 2007
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- annoying, getting on your nerves.
- getting under your skin.
- Agravating

aYo. I swear watchu doin is really urkin my nerves.
by headovaheelzchic September 13, 2008
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Crazed-Minded and all together the Shit still..
Murdering the track, having a good time, may even be to good of a time, or u can speak urkin
by jACK 3d September 5, 2007
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When a sports network is broadcasting multiple games on different channels and manages to play commercials at the same time in every game.
"Switch to the other game, it's a commercial."
"Nah, they're laying down the double urkin with a commercial on that one too."
by Sports Paul March 17, 2007
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A word used to show strong anger towards someone.
Damnit Christian Harris you're urkin my noodle!
by Emilie Parker December 31, 2005
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A situation in which you think there might be cops or snitches around the sesh spot
Bro I wanna smoke but I think i'm urkin
by Jojo-Flano February 4, 2022
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