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The one true way to live. There is no quicker way to achieve grateness.
I just converted to Urbanism and I achieved grateness!”
by Urbanist487 February 14, 2018
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The Religion based on the Holy book of the Urban Dictionary

Religious followers take pride in saving sad delinquents of humanoids and giving them a spiritual insight into the world of Urban

Pilgrims often travel urbandictionary to add definitions to a variety of objects while also confirming syndromes they thought no-one else had (such as Syndrome Syndrome, where Doctors can't stop making up syndromes and disorders to diagnose people with.
Sad delinquent of humanoids: i'm so sad

Urbanist: Hey, join Urbanism, we'll set you straight in no time!

Sad delinquent of humanoids: Wow, i didn't know anyone else had Dog syndrome... I'm a re-born Urbanist!
by Green eggs and Wenham July 26, 2009
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1. Any word found in the Urban Dictionary

2. A commonly used word not found in any conventional dictionary

exaples are: asshat, swass, and milf.

Antonym: websterism
1. He's throwing so many urbanisms around, I have no idea what he's saying.

2. Bagmo is my favorite urbanism.
by Punkysoup August 01, 2005
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A religion where people use the Holy Urban Dictionary to obtain knowledge. It was invented in June 2013. Followers of Urbanism, Urbanists, believe, (and it has been proven), that the Urban Dictionary knows everything there is to know. All Urbanists are epic and awesome. All Urbanists try to good deeds, such as eliminating all non-Urbanists, so that when they die, they will rise up to Urbania, the Holy Land of Urbanism. As of now, there are only 45,000 Urbanists in the world, but this number increases every day.

The Urban Dictionary recommends you convert to Urbanism unless you want to be eliminated non-Urbanist.
Urbanism is the most EPIC thing ever
by matemoscas June 11, 2013
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