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A small town in Ohio where everyone claims they're a "thug" and in a "gang" but actually, they're a bunch of wannabe gangsters who sell shitty weed
Don't go to Urbana for weed, it's terrible.
by youll never guess ;) June 11, 2018
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Hell, commonly known as the opposite of heaven. A place in which one would never want to find themselves in for long but feels as though they will never escape.
Man, I've been stuck in Urbana for so long, I hope I can escape soon.

How was your day? It was total Urbana!
by Stuck there February 13, 2009
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Any any city or idealized city, especially in the sense of a "gansta's paradise".

Portmanteau of "urban" and "Nirvana".
Urbana was the shit, man. These rednecks are all fucked up. I can't believe my parents want to live here.
by MattJ77 March 11, 2009
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A high school in frederick maryland that thinks it is better than everyone else, even though it isnt. essentially devoid of anyone cool, it also hides any student that isn't above average. Supposedly "richest" school in frederick, but that's a low bar. Lastly, it brainwashes its students into thinking theyre better than everyone, when they have no reason to. Also commonly referred to as a bunch of rich assholes.
Urbana student: I rock because I'm spoiled and all my teachers give me A's even though I'm stupid!

Normal Kid A: Dude, whats wrong with that douche?
Normal Kid B: Just ignore him, he went to Urbana.
Normal Kid A: Oh shit, haha.
by FredneckSux November 14, 2010
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