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The guys/girls who tolerate and read through every single definition you sit there like a clown and type up no matter how dumb it is. Think it's fun? Try reading a dictionary and deciding which definitions don't belong, same thing.
This is not a REAL conversation between two of UrbanDictionary's Editors but just an imaginary one I made up in my head and both names are just made up on the spot for creative purposes and in no way represent anybody who may have similar names.

Bill - Hey Tom, this kid just submitted the definition for what appears to be an Xbox Live Gamertag and put something along the lines of getting raped and being the worst?

Tom - Don't publish that garbage, I just got one that is an advertisement. Nice try you homeless freak, denied. Go pay for some REAL advertisement!!

Bill - I love being me

Tom - Me too

Both - (laugh)
by McBeefyTown June 10, 2011
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