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The kind of person who doesn't really have any knowledge of slang - or life, for that matter - but insists on posting their "definitions" on this site. The content of their posting, no matter what the subject, ALWAYS refers to at least one, if not all, of the following:

1) A penis, or anything associated with penises, such as testicles, semen, urine or pubic hair. (this reference appears in just about every posting by the Loser, who will vehemently deny being gay, despite having an obvious and disturbing obsession with the penises of other men.)

2) A "hot" female, or any part of her body. The female's sole purpose is to inevitably get "fucked" or desired to be "fucked". The Loser cannot figure out any other use for a beautiful woman, and indeed, has no experience with beautiful women anyway. (Thinking about beautiful women is not encouraged since it only takes away from the precious time needed to consider the penises of other men.)

3) Anything related to beer (but not other forms of alcohol), professional sports, red meat, the military strength of the American Armed Forces, or anything else considered "manly" by the Loser.

4) The word Fuck, usually repeated many times and in many variations.
The Urban Dictionary Loser is typically a white, suburban teenager or 20-something, with little life experience who sits around in front of the TV, talking shit with his friends about how great he is. You know the one, he needs to constantly verbalize his desire to fuck every woman that comes on TV, is always right no matter what the subject is, and has a very high opinion of himself. In fact, it might even be you and that's why you're rating this thumbs down, because the truth hurts, doesn't it, you Urban Dictionary Loser!?!?
by osibisa November 23, 2007
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A person who takes this site so seriously, they sit around and actually define these words!
Everyone who uses this site, including me right now, is an Urban Dictionary Loser
by John-John April 18, 2005
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This is a group of people who submit stupid deffintions to the UD.
They have nothing better to do than insult people they hate via UD and this is what makes them losers.

See also:
You sent the worst deffinition in ever! You are a Urban Dictionary Loser!
by UD Editor April 26, 2005
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A retard who posts definitions conveying/supporting their own not-so-politically-correct opinions. Yes, this definition is not very politically correct either. That would make me a hypocrite, which Urban Dictionary losers are as well.
An example would be the guy/girl who wrote the first definition for SkullCandy saying that they were very poor earphones and that those who bought them were idiots, or something like similar. Funny that, I just bought some today and have to say they are amazing. He/she was just an Urban Dictionary loser trying to push their own opinions on other people via this wonderful service.
by Unknown8372646 June 27, 2012
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