What urban dictionary should be renamed to, as most of the site's definitions directly pertain to or allude to sexual affairs.
My parents never gave me a talk about the birds and the bees, so I went on urbandictionary.com instead.
by Katsu March 25, 2005
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Urban dicktionary is when urban dictionary is simply a dick and won't add certain words
1: Oh I tried to add a word on urban dictionary
2: did it work
1: no
2: so u mean urban DICKTIONARY
by Random Words Blah Blah August 4, 2020
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What urbandictionary has mutated into- a bunch of angsty teens and haters whining about crap.
Dude 1: Where'd you hear that about Asians?

Dude 2: Urbandictionary. Isn't it funny how they can't pronounce their Ls?

Dude 1: Fuck that. That's prejudiced and not true. No wonder you heard it from urban dicktionary.
by That_Guy_Who_Exists June 1, 2009
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Where you go to look up which teenagers have big dicks and which have small ones.
The majority of definitions in the Urban Dicktionary are based upon teen penis envy.(both male and female)
by wolfbait51 April 21, 2011
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What Urban Dictionary has become now.
Edgy teen: omegawd! i dont know deez word lemme look it up on Urban Dicktionary.
Edgy lexicographer: *puts troll face as you insult english words with stupid definitions*
by TheOTerAuthorOtter June 4, 2017
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When Urban Dictionary does not publish a perfectly good definition because they are idiots.
Dude : "Posted the definition for Cunts Game last night on Urban Dictionary, got rejected."

Dude 2 : "Yeh that's because Urban Dicktionary is full of shit, unfunny and irrelevant definitions. Gutted."
by rorocirca1989 September 13, 2013
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A person who either goes on Urban Dictionary too much, or adds to Urban Dictionary too much, and is thereby a fanboy for it. They also find things out for the first time here.
Urban Dicktionary: Hey, did you no "wigger" means "wannabe gangster?!"

White Girl: *Is coke*

Wigger: No wai! WTFLOL
by Charles Chilly September 3, 2007
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