One of the main characters in the anime Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. Uraraka's full name is Ochako Uraraka. She is a strong girl, with the quirk Zero Gravity, which allows her to remove the gravitational pull of an object she touches with the pads of her fingers. She mainly shown as friends with Iida Tenya and Izuku Midoriya, though she seems to have a good relationship with most of Class 1-A. Her most popular ship is Izuocha, a ship between her and the main protagonist of Boku No Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya. She has been unjustly accused of ruining people's OTPs, and while I'm not calling names, I'm sorry your OTP didn't sail. But, hey? Guys, it wasn't Uraraka's fault.
Uraraka is a good girl. She gets way too much hate.
by StarryFaerie April 17, 2019
A person who is too nice, but cries when she sees her last dollar. :)
"Woah, Daisy is such a Uraraka."
by IIove October 5, 2020
Uraraka is the best female character in My Hero Academia.
"Hello Uraraka"
by GenerationR August 27, 2017
A My Hero Academia character who’s name means “bright, happy day”. Her superpower is “Zero Gravity”, she can make anything float as long as she touches it with her fingers and presses them together. She is the main girl character and the main character Midoriya has a crush for her, but as the series progresses she starts to have a crush on HIM back, but they’re both dumb and apparently can’t express their feelings for some reason.
Person A: “Ew, I HATE Uraraka; her voice is SO annoying!”
Person B: “Shut the fuck up you stupid TodoBakuDeku fujoshi.”
by terusaiki_ November 19, 2020
a precious, amazing, fantastic, awesome, cool, pretty, beautiful, great, perfect, strong, best, outstanding, fabulous, nice, smart, magnificent, cute, kind, funny, stunning, special, incredible, unique, wonderful girl from my hero academia who gets way too much hate and deserves the whole world
someone: “sheesh this girl from my hero academia is so perfect”
someone else: “are you talking about uraraka?”
by aisjsnkfjsjkdn July 1, 2021
The urarakas is commonly knows as bbs, broke bitch syndrome its when you’re a broke bitch still a broke bitch and always will be a broke bitch
“I got the urarakas”
by Mi’Annatheniggarat November 1, 2020
A main supporting character in the anime Boku No Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi. She is training to become a pro hero at U.A. High School, her quirk being Zero Gravity. Ochako is a bubbly and sweet girl with a kind, caring, blunt, and hardworking personality. Her best friend seems to be Tsuyu Asui. She looks up to the main character, Izuku Midoriya, as an aspiration.
Person A: "Who's your favorite character in BNHA?"

Person B: "Ochako Uraraka. She's so sweet and adorable!"
by Stormy248 April 16, 2020