Girls who enjoy yaoi (a genre in Japan that contains sexual and/or romantic relations between two men); literally translates to "rotten girl"; male counterpart : fundanshi
Bailey admits that she is a fujoshi.
by Yuri Katsuki January 13, 2017
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Jap. 腐女子. literally: rotten girl. A pun, based on the homonymous term for woman (jap. 婦女子). Ironical self-description by readers of Yaoi Dōjinshi. The female counterpart to the male Otaku.

(translated from the german wikipedia page for Otaku)
I'm a fujoshi.
(The rulesets demand me to write shit even though I don't know what I'm talking about, and at the same time prevents me to link an image that'll explain things better than a thousand words)
by fuqnbastard September 16, 2005
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Fujoshi (translated from Japanese as "rotten girl") is a term amongst the anime community that applies to degenerate females who are obsessed with Yaoi and gay men, usually to an unhealthy and/or uncomfortable degree. Fujoshis typically don't actually support real LGBT people (nor the show they're watching) and will fetishize a pairing of two or more young looking anime boys regardless of their canonical sexuality.

Essentially, it is the female equivalent of men who brag about hentai.
Sarah: "These two smol cinnamon roll boys are so cute together uwu they should date gay guys are so hot omggggggg"
Lillie: "But they're both canonically straight"
Sarah: "who cares, i'm a fujoshi and proud so go away homophobe"
Lillie: "I wouldn't be proud of that if I were you."
by UnorthodoxAnon May 12, 2021
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a girl that likes BL (boys love) or Yaoi that genre is Boy X Boy from any where between two young boys to full grown men, and even a teen and his teacher. Its some crazy shit...
Jake: that girl is hot

Brennan: bro you should be careful she is a Fujoshi they are dangerous..
by Major_Bruh_Moment May 15, 2019
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A female fan of BL

Literal translation of ‘rotten girl’ is a play on Kanji, essentially meaning ‘broken wife.’ originally created by homophobic incels on 2chan to deem girls with non-heteronormative interests (gay ships) as not suitable for marriage.

Has since been reclaimed by these women; it’s original literal translation has been disassociated from it’s current usage.
you’re a fujoshi? what do you think about Sasaki to Miyano anime coming out?
by PhanYouNot December 2, 2020
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i'm gonna bet $20 you're looking for the definition on here because you're a useless white crayon trying to speak over japanese mlm
look at this idiot, they think the urban dictionary is a legitimate place to get the definition of fujoshi
by rikuhateseveryone January 31, 2021
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fujoshi are girls and women who likes to ship hot men together, most people get this wrong and think they ship them together because it’s gay but it’s because they are hot that they do it. Fujoshi’s often ship anime men. And most fujoshi read yaoi and bl.
Lily is a very proud fujoshi, her favorite yaoi is “My Wife is An Alpha
by interested April 9, 2021
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