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Worst "ur" insult you can say to any person or any living creature in this universe. Enough said. Even if you are an atheist it still makes you have suicidal thoughts for the rest of your life and its passed down to your children.
Dager says - "ur family tree LGBT!"
Steve responds with, - "ur god a fraud!"

Dager then enters into crippling depression , while god cries for the rest of his life in heaven. Eventually, Dager kills himself with every possible way he can.
by I am a Sex Offender May 20, 2018
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The very last in the saga of ur mom gay insults. Use this at your own risk. By the time Donald Trump says this to Kim Jong Un WWIII will have started and ended, causing earth to be removed from existence.
Johnny: ur mom gay

Rayden: That May be true, but, *takes a defensive stance* ur god a fraud!
Johnny:*a rift in space-time is opened causing a massive explosion, Johnny is sucked in as Rayden is obliterated by the explosion*
by Yeet No Feet May 18, 2018
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