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The act of hiding a random, uncontrollable boner by directing it upwards and binding it against your waist with your belt or pants waistband.
I had a boner that would just NOT GO DOWN, so I up periscoped it.
by Sporklord January 29, 2011
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1. The act of slowly floating upwards in a hot tub while erect or in the vernacular ,sporting a woody.

Origins: First to properly execute an up periscope one must first " blow ballast " by farting in the hot tub.

If undetected by the other occupants, preferably female, the "scope master" will raise his body until the head of his penis slowly breaks the surface. If he remains undetected he will slowly continue to push his penis farther out of the water until detected.

When detected he will yell "Down Scope" and rapidly pull his body downwards while acting as if nothing happened. If he remains undetected that means the female occupants of the hot tub are receptive or totally hammered, in either case, this often results in a "torpedo" attack after he yells UP SCOPE!

2.A mythical command often seen in WWII movies to raise the periscope. Up periscope is not used by modern submariners. The officer of the deck will inform the watch standers submarines control room the he is "Raising Number 1 ( or # 2 ) scope." at which time he will rotate the periscope ring that activates the raising / lowering mechanism.
1. Dave's penis was totaly out of the water when he yelled " Up Periscope!" "Euwwwwwww a dick!" screamed Denise.

2. "Up Periscope!" Ensign Jones commanded. The watch standers looked at each other in quizzical disbelief. Don't you mean "Raising Number 1 scope?" asked the Cheif of the Watch. " "Uh...right Cheif"...Ensign Jones demurred.
by Global Feetus April 02, 2007
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1) naval term to raise the optics on a submarine
2) bath or shower game for typically one very lonly man
by chris unger April 22, 2004
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(v.) Naval term for a submarine to raise the periscope so the crew can see what is going on above water level.

(n.) Bath-time fun for young boys.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
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A long neck, usually one that is at least twice as long as the person's face. The neck can be used in self-defense to strangle oncoming villans, or used for tasks such as cracking walnuts.
She gave me this look and I thought she was going to all Up Periscope on me and strangle me with it!
by Dr. Von Chang June 13, 2008
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#when using ~Facebook, you always appear offline but occaionally open the chat window to seee who is online before disappearing offline again.
Karen up periscoped to see if clair was on then downed periscope and went back to cruising pepoles profiles
by Sniper Smurf August 22, 2009
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