When the penis is so big it weighs enough that the balls are pressed to go above the penis. Creating Up balls
“Hey did you hear that Jake has up balls?” “Wow I didn’t know it was THAT big”
by Coob Upballs March 3, 2021
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Interrupting a loved one's slumber with the sudden placement of one's testicles into their mouth.

A combination of the teabag with the alarm cock method.
"There's nothing quite like a saggy-scrotumed Wake Up Ball to start the day off right!"

"Here's your 2am Wake Up Ball, you nut-gargling whore!"

"Got any tic tacs? This morning's Wake Up Ball wasn't exactly minty fresh."
by Mr. Softey January 23, 2009
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When the scrotum becomes so tight that it pushes up the flaccid penis, causing it to resemble a semi.

May occur under conditions such as cold temperature, strenuous physical activity, or extreme anxiousness.
Josh: Dude your dick is sticking out in your sweatpants, do you have a semi?

Drew: Nah bro, I've got push-up balls.
by Manmess November 24, 2013
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when life is getting someone down, the best piece of advice for them is to keep their chin up and go balls out and not let anything get to them.
Jason: These two idiots on the farm are really starting to get to me with their negative comments.

Karl: Don't even listen to them, seriously mate....chin up balls out ignore the hillbillies!

Jason: Yeah I suppose, cheers mate you are a hero!
by woodzieworldtour2011 March 27, 2011
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AJ: "Fam what's good tonight?"
Chris: "I'm chilling bro, you tryna ball up later? I got loud."
AJ: "Say no more my guy, I'll fly in 20."
by KingNate August 1, 2018
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smoke some weed
Yo your tryna ball up?
by yrnreef May 16, 2015
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In current usage, any disastrous situation. The balls referred to are NOT testicles. The term dates from the days of wooden sailing ships when the existence of a shipboard disaster, such as plague, lack of food or water, mutiny, etc. was communicated to the outside world by hoisting large-ish, brightly painted wooden balls up into the rigging. Balls of different colors represented different disasters and therefore served as either requests for assistance or warnings to stay clear.
Ed: What a complete Balls Up!
Ted: You said it.
by Paul Dellechiaie January 2, 2008
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