When someone goes up and over during sex.
Katherine went up and over with Bob.
by Yuki-chan October 14, 2007
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the process of male self-felatio where one lies completely on their back and flips their legs back over their head. Requires extreme flexibility and perhaps a few surgically removed ribs.
Jim went to Pilates five days a week with the hope that we would gain enough flexibility to self-administer the up and over one day. Never again would he need a girlfriend.
by carl January 16, 2004
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See ya guys later.. I'm going up over..

It's the opposite of going to Australia.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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what people do when they are afraid of actually speaking to people and expressing how they feel honestly.

She had us break up over text . Why didn't she at least call. :P
by the weirdo bean September 29, 2017
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What should be said to any number of whining cry babies when they bitch about something trivial.
Rick - Man, I just can't believe someone drank all my good brews and I'm stuck with these nasty old Bud Lites.

Betsy - Oh shut up and get over it!
by Bangindedrum August 7, 2008
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used to define sex with a lady who is so loose that the act of sex resembles doing naked press ups over an open man hole
the sex with that wan was like doin naked press ups over a man hole!!!!
by agrosteve March 6, 2011
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1) The physical and mental state reached after the consumption of one to many drinks
2) Beaten physically
Budda: Dam this party is tight!
Pest: I dont know man, I'm more torn up then a turned over tackle box
by byBeardofZeus September 7, 2010
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