a different way of calling someone a snob
"You think you are so good, you are so up yourself"
by Miss Radioactive March 7, 2008
Traditional male Jamaican salutory greeting accompanied by closed fists bumped one atop the other and then reversed expressing well wishes, friendship and respect
Everybody wid sense big up (yourself)*

by thinly_veiled October 19, 2003
Enjoy your status, you've earned it.

Originally a Jamaican expression which has spread to wider audiences through the Ali G Show and US urban radio.
That was a wicked combination tune you did with Beres Hammond. Big Up Yourself, star!
by Redlocks June 12, 2011
1. To give oneself "props", or in standard vernacular can be indirectly translated as "Well, good for you!"
2. Big yourself up.
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
Man, you just got good paying job and a honey....shoot big up yourself SON
by MSd October 17, 2003
to give yourself praise, to make some noise for yourself, give yourself a congratulatory handshake or a pat on the back or whatever. hooray for you. origin:british popularized by ali g
uk jungle thug: bo! check dis, i is got a brand new stero system.
uk garride punk: big up yourself, aiiii.
by mike October 18, 2003