The opposite of Down Bad, where someone who is Up Good can either be a) not depressingly horny, b) depressingly wholesome, or c) very much anti horny.
Paul: Damn, look at her. Her ass is fat.
Tom: Dude, you’re down bad.
Sam: Tom, you’re so up good.
by JoseTheSpaceCrab December 2, 2020
Bro 1: Yo, I’m feeling good today!
Bro 2: Bro, you’re up good.
by Cul Gi January 19, 2021
*sees picture of anything that's suppose to elicit jealousy or insecurity*
Someone who is up good: "Haha, that's nice"

*Moves on with enjoying the rest of their day*
by CorvidDeity December 28, 2021
Usually refers to men. Especially men who don't pay much attention to their looks, in terms of grooming, hair and clothes.
However when they put some attention to it they look good.

Best example is Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. He always looks frumpy, stained, unshaven, slump, but you always

get the feeling that when he needs to escort Daphne Blake to her gf wedding Shaggy after a shave and a nice getup will look good.
Girl 1: Are you crazy you want me to go out with Jonah Hill, yuck
Girl 2: Sweety, he cleans up good and will make you look great on that red carpet
by Tim E Wastin November 22, 2013
a phrase that describe people having a legit grade in collage courses.
Dude1 "Rabbie" did you flunk out one macro biology test ?

Dude2 man , my grades are clean up good on ma whole tests . tests this term are a breeze
by Rabbie , Lawrence , nass Qr December 20, 2009
Everyone went silent because it was "shut the fuck up good."
by tvav February 14, 2020
1. an expression of approval and thanks for a good deed, OR, 2. can be used in sarcasm to show disinterest in someone's actions or feelings
1. Miss Utility: "I'm not wearing any panties."
Tito: "That's whats up good lookin out!"
Danny: "I got laid off today. I need to look for a new job."
Tito: "That's whats up good lookin out?
by goose smacker October 25, 2008