Very first album of up and coming boyband one direction. First time the public can TRULY recognize the talent in each of the voices seperately, as all the boys get solos. Absolutely amazing, well worth the buy.

Contains 13 tracks on the regular album;

What makes you beautiful
gotta be you
one thing
more than this
up all night
i wish
tell me a lie
i want
everything about you
same mistakes
save you tonight
stole my heart

and the extra two on the extended edition;
Stand Up
Random girl; omg up all night is so amazing
Directioner; its amaZAYN, yeah, its such an amazing album!
by Directioner<3 November 22, 2011
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The first song to be released by Blink-182 in over 4 years. Not currently released yet (today is 10/14/09)
My friend: When the f**k is Up All Night gonna be released?
Me: Idk, hopefully soon though
by Blink182-2009 October 14, 2009
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do you see billy over there, don't he look bad as he's been up all night for the last 5 days
by tuffpuff April 08, 2010
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A way to say you had sex with someone. Comes from the song "Sweat" by Chris Brown ft. Flo Rida.
"So, dude, what'd you do with your girl last night?"
"I was up all night autographin' it!"
by danananabatman February 27, 2009
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