A state or being of sickness or unnerve; Sick
"My friends Zach and toby are mentally unwell"
by /summon June 16, 2023
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Aaron, that trick was unwell!
by Jenna Tull April 18, 2006
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something that weirds you the fuck out and you just don’t know how to process it
i am unwell after the first date
by marypbitch December 16, 2020
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A more intense version of a hangover. It is difficult to be a functioning part of society when one feels this way. When in this state, socializing, eating, and working are out of the question. Dissociation from reality is a part of this feeling.
I am unwellsickly”, how will I attend class and go to work when I can’t get off the couch or talk to anyone
by elavi13 October 26, 2023
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