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Someone who does not have a sexual preference, or is in a relationship but does not have/enjoy sex. This mostly occurs with women, but the term "Unsexual" is usually only used when refering to males. Unsexuals can have relationships, but the relationships are usually pressuring because of sex. So the unsexual will either have sex to please the partner, or break up with the person. Almost all unsexuals end up alone, unless they find a partner that is also an unsexual.
Zelda: "So how long have you and Bill been dating?"
Mary: "6 months"
Zelda: "So how's the sex?"
Mary: "Umm... we don't have sex... Bill's an Unsexual"
Zelda: "Oh my, I'm so sorry"
by Immortal-Jake January 20, 2007
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Used to describe a person who is not attractive or able to attract anyone from the opposite sex. Also used for people who are inexperienced in relationships and sexual encounters altogether.
Friend: Hey Cody, why weren't you able to close with that girl at the mall last night?

Cody: Cause I'm unsexual!
by Lawrence K. February 04, 2010
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