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A phenomena abnormally seen in lanky adolescent males where the sternum protrudes outward, creating a tent-like formation in the middle of ones chest when wearing a a shirt. It must be noted that this particular pathology almost always occurs with pectoral muscle atrophy, generally caused from lack of athleticism and spending ones time playing video games for extended periods of time. Can be moderately remedied with push-ups, bench press and other pectoral exercises.

Opposite of pectus excavatum; may injure your hand when performing sternum chop
Yo, what up Unitit?! When you gonna start hitting the bench? I need a spotter! Let's help each other!
by penguin_clubber January 11, 2015
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When girls wear tight bras that push their tiny tits together into one actual breasts.
Faleesha has a unitit.
by Jacques Asse February 05, 2009
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a terrible situation in which a shirt or bra causes the entire breast area to become one large breasty mass, with no clear cut defintion.
"Oh man, when I wear this sportsbra under this top, it totally gives me unitit!"
by mMalice September 22, 2005
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State of one female breast being non proportional to the same females other breast. Consequently, one breast is much smaller than the larger, overdeveloped breast. Thus we have Unitit
" Hey do you know Jill Vigars?... YOU MEAN UNITIT!"
by Kid From Sarnia June 07, 2005
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