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First of all, the things listed above are old school. You want the real deal, check this out. Union is in Schenectady: heart of NY. We're not from the City, and we're not on the Canadian border, we're basically perfectly located. The campus is gorgeous in all seasons, small and walkable, and the buildings are beautiful.
The people here are kick-ass: brains, beauty and brawn. Not everyone is preppy, not everyone is rich. The kids are varied and down to earth, accessible and personable. It's easy to meet people from various backgrounds and we're not just a bunch of clones. Yeah, we've got some Coach and Armani, but no one's scared to rock some Target fashions. Also, we're not defined by our Greek life. The sorority girls aren't a bunch of blonde coke-heads, and our frat brothers are not roofying maniacs.
This IS the real Union College.
Mechanical engineering, Minnesota, Delta Delta Delta sister
East Asian Studies, Voorheesville, NY, Ballroom Dancer
Environmental Studies, Texas, Alpha Epsilon Pi brother
English and Art, Maine, Minerva House Council
Spanish and Economics, Schenectady, Volleyball

All here at Union College...
by Union March 27, 2008
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