Ungay, describes when all major corporations get rid of their pride flags in their online profile pictures on July First.
mcdonalds just got rid of their pride flag, the ungay has started
by Not da dr. Hu July 2, 2020
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(Pronoun, adj.) equivalent to the words "undead" and "zombie", however, used to describe a zombie which is gay. Also may be used to define a homosexual who has crossed over to the straight world. The word originated one late night at a Dennys in San Diego, 2002, during a topic about independent zombie films.
This town has been overrun by the Ungay! They rose from their graves and started humping everybody!
by Bryan Metzler December 27, 2006
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an action taken by people to try to correct their previous sentences from sounding gay or gayish. often ends up in no avail.
(usually implied in instant messages and chatrooms)
(C and E are guys)
C : why didn't you bring your phone, at least the vibrations will wke you up.
C : *realises and begins process of ungay-ing. oh shit, i mean the vibration in your pocket when you receive messages
E: wtf?
by calV May 20, 2005
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To make less gay.
To make straight.
That remake of Straight Up by Halifax is way better than the original. It's ungayed.
by Remie August 18, 2006
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unguy() is a text function, available in some programming languages, class libraries and frameworks.

The function fixes text which is gay, ie when national character like åäö etc is improper rendered.

string ungay ( string $string, mixed $options )

Returns the string just as it is supposed to be.
$good_text = ungay($bad_text);
by Dan Ahlin December 19, 2008
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