when a person is being given head or any sort of sexual pleasure, the receiver rolls their eyes to the back of their head due to the sensation they feel.
when marlon's 4incher was being licked, his eyes rolled to the back of his head. MArlon performed the undertaker.
by big dick johnson June 17, 2008
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Someone who takes underpants, often as a trophy after a sexual encounter
When the trick had to leave in a hurry, he had to go commando, another victim of the undertaker
by underfreek November 26, 2007
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the best wrestler in the WWE/WWF and currently has a 16-0 streak at wrestle mania hand has some destroying moves such as the blood choke, old school, choke slam, and tombstone pile driver
undertaker is the best wrestler ive ever seen
by super hobo65 April 11, 2008
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When you and your girl are in bed you proceed to shove your fingers (2-3 is preferred) then proceed to lift her whole body from the pussy then once up slam her on the bed and role your eyes in the back of your head just like the undertaker.
“Yo last night I gave my girl the undertaker and we broke the bed and her back.”
by Queef33 March 6, 2020
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This is the equivalent of "fake chow", to be performed on men. The undertaker entails not actually performing fellatio, but performing a very specific set of manouvers to convince your partner that his dick is in your mouth.

This is achieved by several steps:
1.) flipping your hair forward, draping your hair over the dick area, aka Cousin It style. Better known for WWF champion

"the undertaker"
2.) spit into your dominant hand, and then grip the top of the shaft for maximum depth imitation.
3) the imation of fellatio is delivered by stroking hand- job style and simotaniosly gagging through your curtain of hair keeping eye contact.
4) Keep a towel handy. Once your partner has finished, run to the nearest bathroom as if you have a full mouth and then Tebow, your job has ended successfully and you have nothing to spit out.
The undertaker, blow job, gagging, hair, spit
by 28 Whitehorse road January 15, 2012
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A KingsOfChaos player started in Age 2 joined a clan, started a revolution took over, Bcame a top player played top 20 account in age 3 beta finished #7 Best belgian player in age 3! and is out for blood once again!!!
Goes under the nick UnderTakeR- to avoid being compared with the wrestler
by Elite Gaming network. March 16, 2005
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The sexiest 40 year old that ever existed. The one and only undertaker, renowned wrestler, evil mastermind and lord of all darkness as well as chief of rolling eyes back into the head and lifting lights when off, knocking people out easily, being slow in the ring and just a hot piece of ass!
"From deathvalley, weighing 305 pounds, The undertaker!"
"Rest In Peace"
"Your mouth's been writing cheques that your body can't cash!"
by Lauryn "Lady Undertaker" August 22, 2006
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