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A word that's been thrashed into a meaningless cliché from overuse by lazy ignoramuses possessing tiny vocabularies.

As a result it has mutated into a destructive pathogen. Cases of rectal cancer and carbuncles on the forehead by users of the word are on the rise. Don't say no one warned you.

CDC and WHO have issued a joint pointed advisory and urge the public to share widely:

"Try harder. Open a fucking dictionary for once in your life, you smooth-brained irritating zombie imbeciles."
Bro that Urban Dictionary thing I seen sic is srsly no joke underrated ngl bro. Bro I should of sic listened bc now I got ass surgery next week and bro my forehead looks like a fucking mogul range bro.
by Deep State Stiv October 3, 2021
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Common mispronunciation by dunderheads who were too feeble-minded, high, or both to absorb anything they learned in school
That Flocka jam is so dope expecially when you're faded as fuh
by Deep State Stiv July 14, 2020
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