Someone that has skill/ talent but never gets recognition or a chance to show it
That player right there is really underrated

Girl : why don’t you play in college
Boy: I was underrated I never got looked at for real
by Word man Jr October 23, 2018
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The reply you will see under EACH and EVERY comment on YouTube. Usually written with the intention to get as many likes as possible if the original comment gets popular.
Timmy: Bro my Dog died.
Steve: F
Troll: Underrated
Timmy: *Punches the troll into his face*
by Peepeepoopoo from urbdic January 12, 2021
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A word that is horribly misused. YouTube comments tend to use this term a lot without actually knowing what it means. It means unrecognised or not valued highly enough not free internet points for something you like.
Video: Exists.
Idiot: OMG!!! SO UNDERRATED!! ☺️☺️
by Pimpleapps April 27, 2021
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Something or someone not well known by the mass public but of high quality.
Breakdown is such an underrated game.
by Karnos January 1, 2007
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A website, film, television show, book, etc that is so good that the public barely notices how good the product really is.
The film Children of Men is so good it's just too bad nobody is talking about it which makes it underrated.

by Mr. Jeff July 18, 2008
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means good but not publicized as much as other shit,opposite of overrated.
"most of the overrated stuff is bullshit"
"most of the underrated stuff is better than the overrated stuff"
Overrated-grey's anatomy (good show but overrated),Twilight,jonas bros
Underrated-Alice in chains,the replacements
by Raw Faith December 2, 2009
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