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An emotional condition caused by an accute and total breakdown of all normal, logical and reasoning skills caused when a women suddenly becomes so pissed off that she loses all self control (i.e. emotions, bodily functions, mouth, etc.) This condition is usually caused by someone of the male gender or a co-worker (male or female).
"Man, when my wife found out how much I spent last night at the bar, she was uncunted!"
by shaneojt September 01, 2007
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When and individual becomes so enraged with a person or group of people that the enraged individual shouts incoherent profanities, truths about the other party that would never be said except during and uncunting situation. Additionally a loud proclamation of being right, the other person being a total fuck up and should suck a prick and die.
Jonny told Adam that he was running off to Vegas to marry the pool boy. Adam immediately became uncunted.
by Uncuntedgay July 02, 2017
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An emotional state of transcendent anger, often unjustifiable or unexplainable to someone in a reasonable state of mind. Several orders of magnitude worse than being pissed off. Though sometimes seen in men, this condition can most often be seen in women, especially women who experience a sudden, uncomfortable, sour turn of fortune.
When you call that bitch back and tell her she owes another $300, she's gonna come un-cunted. Her cunt is gonna literally fall off of her body, run down here from Ottawa on it's fallopian tubes, jump up and bite you right on your fuckin' neck.
by Digital Sasquatch January 30, 2011
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when you severly piss off a woman she can become uncunted.
after telling my wife ive been cheating on her, she became uncunted and she threw all my things out the window, then reached for a knife, but i fled the scene quickly and eluded her attach.
by YO March 28, 2005
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To have something that has been set in place come undone or unraveled, either it being a physical object, or a state of mind.
"I had the door locked tight, but the storm last night got it all uncunted."

"I was fine until Ben picked on me, so now my day has been thoroughly uncunted."
by ~lSd3d~ September 11, 2007
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