2 definitions by Uncuntedgay

When and individual becomes so enraged with a person or group of people that the enraged individual shouts incoherent profanities, truths about the other party that would never be said except during and uncunting situation. Additionally a loud proclamation of being right, the other person being a total fuck up and should suck a prick and die.
Jonny told Adam that he was running off to Vegas to marry the pool boy. Adam immediately became uncunted.
by Uncuntedgay July 3, 2017
A person whom lacks so much common sense and/or a combination of basic intelligence that they can be compared to an orifice of female genitalia filled with a numbing agent

origan- New England, Boston, Maine, New Hampshire
My sister in law is such a fucking dipshit, she is numbah’ than a cunt full of Novacaine .
Did you hear what Becky did? Oh my god, she is numbah’ than a cunt full of novacaine
by Uncuntedgay December 25, 2017