Uncle Joe is an unofficial nickname for former Vice President Joe Biden. It most likely stems from his relaxed, carefree demeanor which is sometimes considered to be a bit creepy. Kinda got that creepy uncle thing goin' on. His breath most likely smells like bourbon and skoal.
Man, I'm startin' to miss ol' Uncle Joe. You just know he tried to grab Sarah Palin's ass every time she walked by in Congress.
by Travesty360 March 4, 2017
The cool uncle that will teach you how to spell your name with pee in the snow, take you out for ice cream before supper time, teach you about guns, will give you your first drink, or share a joint with you while giving you life advice
Who taught you how to do that?! Uncle Joe did. :D
by NiceGuyChibi January 4, 2018
Farts done when you are peeing at the urinal
Men lined up at urinals at a football game and someone let's a fart rip " Hey Uncle Joe is here!" Machine gun Is that a duck Relief valve
by Poncho55 April 19, 2016
A combination of Uncle Tom and G.I. Joe, an Uncle Joe is any member of the military (active or veteran) who would sell out their fellow service members to support a person who slanders POW's and Gold Star families, advocates torture, gleefully threatens to abandon our allies, and shows blatant disregard for the Geneva Conventions.
Dude, did you see Jim's Facebook post about Donald Trump? After all we sacrificed I can't believe he'd sell us out like that, he's a total Uncle Joe.
by Sooook it! August 1, 2016
The one uncle that gives away money and has a wierd obsesion with airplanes.
Hurry children, hide in your rooms! Uncle joe is at the door!
by TheManOfTheWise February 27, 2015
This boi is always horny. His nephews run when they hear him yell “WHICH ONE OF YOUR FUCKERS IS GETTING ON MY COCK TONIGHT”. Although he does buy his nephews lap dances at the club and buys them drugs and alcohol. He has an obsession with putting his nephews in a closet. Those fuckers basically live in there.
“Opens closet” Sam what happened. Uncle Joe put me in here. I screeched not the cock but he gargled that bitch anyways.
by Thanos did nothing wrong November 9, 2019